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Xiangtan University’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Gala Unveiled

On the evening of September 10, the Xiangtan University’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Gala was held at XTU Stadium. The XTU teachers, students, administrative staff, and alumni at home and abroad attended.
Four visiting professors at XTU, including national first-class singer Chen Sisi, China National Radio broadcasting and hosting expert Lu Yang, CCTV “Weather Forecast” program host Feng Shu, and well-known young mezzo-soprano singer and lyricist Liu Ziqi staged wonderful performances.
The gala depicted stories of XTU and showed XTU’s feelings. Professor Cang Nan, 94 years old, eloquently described the hardships in the early days when it resumed enrollment, and Comrade Mao Zedong called for all to do their best to make a success of XTU. The melodrama “The Voice of Suona Horn” vividly reproduced the story of a group of scholars and professors who were not afraid of difficulties and came to the old site of Yangjiaqiao Xiangjiang Coal Mine Original Site to build Xiangtan University.
This gala was sponsored by Jiajie Group. “It mainly features XTU elements. The dances are basically original. Two pieces of music accompanied to the dances are original ones composed by XTU alumni. The performances of Peking Opera, Lion Dance, and chorus performance from Ugandan middle school student have been staged. The whole event is diverse and colorful, yet plain and grand,” said Liu Jiamin, one of the executive directors and coordinator.